Don’t Waste Your Money on SEO, Really?


Here, I am with most asked questions by many people, don’t waste money in SEO.

Being visible in search results is more important than, ever right?

But that doesn’t mean SEO will benefit your business.

It’s only beneficial to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when you are going to be No.1, for that keyword, which will generate money for your business. Anything else will be a waste of time, and money.

It’s Easy to Waste Money on SEO

its easy to waste money in seo

The situation usually starts with a phone call from someone, who is out of state. They claim to provide fabulous SEO results for website. Normally, start with on your misunderstanding of how everything works.

First, they start ranking your business for an irrelevant keyword immediately. Then, they start picking up your interest and sending you down to the rabbit hole.

It’s not hard to rank for irrelevant keywords in search engines. It is hard to rank for keywords that are profitable for your business. There are ✌ difficulties, one determining the most profitable keyword for your business, and second ✌ is having the knowledge to move your Page on Number 1 in Ranking.

Additionally, if your competition is simultaneously improving their SEO you could find yourself stopping each other out.

SEO Tips That Really Don’t Waste Money

Below are a couple of great tips for companies, who have time to invest in their website SEO.

  1. SEO Audit & Competitors AnalysisFind errors on your website and figure out what really stopping you to rank on search engines. Then run a competitor’s analysis report’s by selecting your market segment competitors list.
  2. Find Keywords That Converts into LeadsUse a keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword and many others are available in market, my favorite is Google Keyword Planner ☺. Even the Google Analytics can help you, if you have ever well-built it from pay-per-click campaign. If your ever use Seoquake, Semrush Pay-per-click campaigns will tell you what keywords will generate revenue for your business by showing you search volume for your services and what your competition is spending. ☺
  3. Measure Your SEO Investment: Understand the Google Analytics flow as its help essential for turning your brand awareness into Leads. Your website analysis allows to understand the user behavior. It helps business owners to minimize wasted in web marketing likes PPC, Website Design, Paid SEO Link Building Etc.

Quick Pro Tip: Save your money by installing Google Analytics on your website.

“Start collecting data of your website even if you are not planning to do marketing actively for your business.”

  1. Write Great SEO Friendly Content: If you write great seo friendly content people find engaging, your website will start to rank organically. Visitors would naturally start to share it on social media site’s, and they will start link to it in their blogs (It’s my personal experience ☺). Hence, you are saying or your website saying search engines algorithms that your website is authoritative and more important.

pawan seo world, i need more content, content is king,

Another Quick Pro Tip: Always write for humans, not for robots.

A Quick Knowledge of the SEO Expert’s and Bloggers

As, we know content is a king, but also don’t forget that king is nothing without its crown👑. Because nobody will know that he is a king”

Motto of lines ⚟ Kings are nothing without crown’s👑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because crown has a power to make you king. “Nobody is gonna read 📖 your content until they found it.”

So, never listen 👂 to anybody who says SEO is Dead or Don’t waste your own money on SEO and bla blaa.

  1. Understand SEO: SEO isn’t hard to understand, it’s just a combination of good practices in website design (Specially UX (User Experience) which help to convert leads into conversion), content development, page organization and organic link building with Outreach Marketing.
  2. Always Watch out for Search Engine Updates: Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms in order to provide best search results for own users. Always check for major or minor search algorithm updates.“Because these algorithms can hurt your website anytime.”

Now the most asked question comes, when to hire SEO Professionals?

is it beneficial to hire somebody to do SEO?

I always say to my clients and bosses, its beneficial when your time is more valuable than ours. Plus, “Experts SEO Agencies” can leverage their knowledge base and accelerate the process over self-teaching yourself.

As per Statista website statistics 1.56 billion smartphone were sold in 2018 (Check Stats in Below), being accessible is important but ranking on no 1 is not an easy task, It takes a lot of hard work and time which people don’t do nowadays (As, I always say be patient and calm). Just make sure to do research then do investment.

Statistic: Number of smartphones sold to end users worldwide from 2007 to 2020 (in million units) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Its time for Mobile 📱 SEO and Apps SEO!!

mobile user

Another Quick Tip: Try work with those local or industry specific SEO Agencies or SEO Professionals that know your geographic limits or industry specifications.


SEO is for every business but not every business budget can afford it until they don’t have patience, time (its time taking process not a one-day game). Creating, maintaining and speed up at SEO requires experience and skill which takes time and costs money. It’s not as easy as installing a plug-in to your website or submitting your website to a search directory. It helps to generate quality leads and long-term traffic for your website even without wasting money on ads. Specially, when you don’t have budget to spend on web marketing to get leads for business. It saves your tons of money 💵.