Multiple Url Opener – Seo Tools

What is multiple URL opener?

A web tool to open multiple URLs at the same time. Tested for Internet Explorer, Microsoft edge, Firefox, opera, safari, and chrome.

Multiple Url Opener is Seo tool is a tool which help to open multiple urls at once. With help of this SEO tool, you can open multiple urls. It’s a Free tool to Open Multiple URL, Open Multiple Links, Multi URL Opener, Bulk Links Opener, Too Many URL at once.

Why is this SEO tool so effective?

Multi URL opener tool will help you to open multiple links / multi URLs or multiple websites at one click and it will help you to do more directory submission and bookmarking submission. you can also call it bulk link opener tool. try this unique feature to save your time. I hope everyone will like my work.

Open a whole list of URLs at the same time!

Paste URLs into the field below and press Submit. Press Open All (which will appear) to pop up all the websites at once, or open each URL individually. We recommend setting your browser to open new windows in tabs.

How to use multiple url opener in chrome?

By Default chrome blocks all the popup windows. You need to allow access to all the tabs from

Note: Opening too many at once can slow your computer.

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