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Every time your advert, or link has appeared on search channels. The user doesn’t necessarily have to scroll down to the area of the page your link is on though. Good for brand awareness

Why SEO Takes Time?

One of you believes that you have the experience and expertise to push your website right to the top of the search engine rankings. There, you would immediately start reaping the rewards of higher traffic levels. As we know...


Method of tracking active users, Google analytics default session cut off time for inactive users is 30 minutes of non-activity. If the user starts navigating the website after this time it will be counted as a new session PPC –...

Black Hat

Outdated and often heavily penalised search engine optimisation techniques that are far from the recommended practises of google/bing webmaster guidelines. Achieve results fast and are often short-lived.

Bounce Rate

The rate of visitors that enter your website and choose to leave after viewing only one page, and ‘bounce’ away. A high bounce rate will negatively impact your SEO. The percentage of users entering your website and leave without...


A section of the website that acts like a ‘window’ to another website. Poor for SEO & usually results in poor user experience. Also, know as iFrames etc.


An eCommerce store is a website dedicated to selling products & services online. Products may be digital or deliverable.

Business Directory

Business Directories are websites that link to numerous websites & businesses in categorized segments. Allows users to navigate through businesses in their area and offers a limited amount of Google juice to the linked website.

Comment Spam

Comments posted across numerous sometimes thousands/millions of websites by Autoblog software in an attempt to boost the linked domain authority connected to the profile posting. Considered Black Hat and can result in penalties for the offending domain.
Content management system. Software such as WordPress that allows users to manage their website without having to get hands-on with code or understand too in-depth the fundamentals of how their website functions.