Best Free WordPress CDN Services

Best Free WordPress CDN Services


What is a CDN – Content Delivery Network?

Before we dive into free CDNs for your WordPress site, how about we cover the nuts and bolts. Put basically, a Content Delivery Network or a CDN is a group of servers, situated over the globe, intended to convey your site’s documents to the site’s guest in the speediest time. Three focuses:

Bundle of servers.

Situated over the globe.

Conveys your site’s static records (pictures, PDFs, static libraries, for example, JavaScript and CSS documents) in the speediest time

Why You Should Use a CDN for Your Website

A CDN, short for content delivery network, speeds up your website by loading static resources from the data center nearest to your user, instead of from your web hosting server. Physical proximity has a very real effect on load times, so this can drastically improve your page load times.

But it’s not just about speed – using a CDN also frees up your bandwidth by handling the transfer of most of your large files. So if you want:

  • A faster loading website
  • Less strain on your web host
  • Less bandwidth usage…

Then you should implement a CDN.

Here are Some CDN Service Providers :

1. CloudFlare


CloudFlare is prominently known as the best free CDN for WordPress clients. It is one of only a handful couple of industry-driving players that really offer a free arrangement. Fueled by its 115 datacenters, CloudFlare conveys speed, dependability, and assurance from essential DDoS assaults.

Also, it’s WordPress module is utilized as a part of more than 100,000 dynamic sites.

2. Incapsula


Incapsula gives Application Delivery from the cloud: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing and Failover. It takes 5 minutes to initiate the administration, and they have an extraordinary free arrangement and a WordPress module to get right IP Address data for remarks presented on your site.

Highlights offered by both CloudFlare and Incapsula:

More or less, this is the thing that Incapsula and CloudFlare does:

Courses your whole site’s activity through their all around circulated system of top of the line servers (This is accomplished by a little DNS change)

Continuous risk examination of approaching movement and hindering the most recent web dangers including multi-Gigabit DDoS assaults

Active movement is quickened through their all around fueled substance conveyance arrange

3. Photon by Jetpack

Photon by Jetpack

To all WordPress clients – Jetpack needs no presentation. In their current change of greatness, they’ve incorporated a free CDN benefit (called Photon) that serves your site’s pictures through their internationally controlled lattice. To get this administration initiated, you should simply download and introduce Jetpack and enact its Photon module.

WordPress clients require no prologue to Jetpack. One of the coolest highlights Jetpack brings to the table is their free CDN benefit called Photon. The best part? You don’t have to design a thing!

Basically introduce the module, login with your account and initiate the photon module. That is it. All you pictures will be offloaded to the WordPress lattice that controls more than a huge number of site over the globe.

4. Swarmify

Swarmify, (already known as SwarmCDN) is a distributed (P2P) based substance conveyance arrange that offers 10GB data transfer capacity (just for pictures) in their free arrangement. To give it a shot, download the WordPress module and give it a go.

It is intriguing to take note of that Swarmify works in a somewhat extraordinary way:

Suppose a gathering of individuals are perusing your site. Consider them the primary ‘associate’ in P2P. At the point when another guest (peer) arrives, the pictures are served from the effectively existing gathering of clients (the past associate). This spares your server’s data transfer capacity, and enhances stacking times, since the companions are typically more like each other.

Swarmify likewise offers video CDN, which is just a piece of their paid arrangement.

Trial CDN Services that are tantamount to Free:

In this area, we’ll investigate a portion of the exceptional cloud CDN suppliers that offer a liberal time for testing. I would imagine that the trial length would be adequate to test the administration and in the end move up to a paid arrangement

To give you some specific circumstance, the eventual fate of the web is in the cloud. Be it the substance conveyance for your WordPress site, or elite figuring for NASA – the cloud is all over the place.

We’ve secured several articles on the best way to introduce WordPress in the cloud. Today, we will take a gander at similar administrations that additionally happen to offer CDN. We’ll take a gander at Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

5. AWS Cloudfront

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a pioneer in conveying elite distributed computing to the majority at a moderate rate. One of their administrations is Amazon CloudFront an industry-driving substance conveyance arrange utilized by any semblance of Slack and Spotify!

To finish that off, they have a free use level of one entire year. Also, the share? 50GB of outbound exchange over the time for testing.

This is certainly an absolute necessity strive for all WordPress devotees.

How would you begin?

We’ll first of all, you could utilize the WP Offload S3 Lite module which empowers you to coordinate your Amazon S3 (stockpiling) and Amazon CloudFront (CDN) administrations with your WordPress site. You can likewise look at our article on the best way to introduce WordPress in AWS.

6. Google Cloud CDN

Like AWS, Google Cloud offers $300 USD credits over a one-year span, with access to their Cloud CDN stage. We’ve secured how to introduce WordPress on Google Cloud before. Today, there are a single tick answers for convey WordPress (and other driving CMS) over different cloud suppliers.

7. Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure at present (i.e. July 2017) offers a 30-day trial of its administrations with $200 USD worth of credits. The Azure CDN is accessible in various datacenters over the globe.

8. Cloudinary

On the off chance that you run site that vigorously subject to pictures (consider portfolios photography/plan administrations), offloading your pictures to another server would be a smart thought. You would wind up sparing a considerable measure of valuable data transfer capacity. Cloudinary is a vigorous picture administration arrangement that can have your pictures, resize them on-the-fly and a huge amount of other cool highlights. In their eternity free arrangement, they offer 2GB stockpiling with 5GB of transmission capacity.

9. Imgur

A fiercely well known picture facilitating site, imgur is quick, dependable and ideal for learners. In case you’re quite recently beginning up and searching for a simple approach to spare server data transfer capacity, imgur alongside other famous picture facilitating destinations like PhotoBucket and Flickr should fill your needs without limitations.

10. Free Cloud Storage Companies

free-distributed storage cdn-administrations

Another awesome approach to spare server transmission capacity is by utilizing free distributed storage administrations. Let’s assume you have two or three PDFs or video accessible for coordinate download. Facilitating them on your server would expend data transmission like there’s no tomorrow. A savvy arrangement is utilize the different free distributed storage administrations. To share a record freely, you can essentially produce an open URL of the document and glue it in your site. Here are two or three free distributed storage arrangements:

Dropbox – 2 GB free, can produce up to 18 GB by means of referrals

Google Drive – 15 GB free

SkyDrive – 7 GB free

Duplicate – 15 GB free, 5 GB for every referral

Box – 5 GB free

Free Open-Source CDN for Hosted Libraries

We’ll now take a gander at a portion of the open-source libraries, that are facilitated by premium substance conveyance systems.

11. Google Hosted Libraries

Google gives free facilitating to the absolute most prevalent libraries in their super-quick framework. This is to a great degree helpful for WordPress engineers to use in their subjects and modules.

12. Cdnjs

Cdnjs is a group fueled CDN utilized by more than 320,000 sites. Supported by CloudFlare, UserApp and Algolia, cdnjs has more than 1,000 libraries.

13. jsDeliver


jsDelivr is an openly accessible CDN where any web engineer can transfer and host their own particular documents. It is most appropriate for facilitating the libraries that aren’t facilitated by Google. You can utilize their WordPress module (in spite of the fact that not refreshed for a few years) to incorporate


  1. ​Page loading is mandatory for any website, and it is now an official search engine ranking factor, and if your pages are not loading less than 3 seconds, you need to work on it right away.

    Although websites used to rely on a single server for presenting all the content, and CDN services have improved the scenario forever. By using a reputable CDN service, you can make sure that the readers are experiencing a faster page loading speed plus a better-performing website. It is possible to use the primary CDN service for free in private blogs or simplistic websites. But, if you want to improve security components, you have to go for the value added packages.

    Thanks for sharing the information, I am using CDN on my recently started WordPress powered website; now my website is really fast loading after CDN integration, but your post encourages me to think more about premium features that are required for security concerns.​

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