6 Free Content Writing Tools For Crafting Alluring Content in 2018


Content Writing isn’t just a collection of words defining a topic/subject matter. Actually, it is an exceptional art that cannot acquire but only can develop. But, it doesn’t mean you must have an inborn writing skill to become a professional writer. In fact, it depends on your perspective to a thing and jotting down that into your own words. There are also so many exceptions of this as many of us have that perspective but aren’t capable enough to turn them into the words exactly. As a saying goes;

“Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colorful images in people’s mind using words of black and white.”

While some don’t have that unique perspective but yet due to a constant practice they have gained a good writing skill. Actually, the main thing is everybody has his/her own standpoint for a thing. If you keep interest in elaborating a subject matter as per your perspective in your own tone but feel you are not that competent as other writers then this post is absolutely for you.

In the post further, you will come to know about the potential of the internet and how you can make the most of it to sharpen your writing skill. I am going to suggest you some magnificent Content Writing tools which will help you in your writing journey and will abide by you for longer. The tools are listed below:

1. Google Trends

This online marketing Trend Finding Tool lets you know that what’s hot in the market of any of the specific niche. You can simply find out by just searching for the needed set of keywords.

By putting some phrases of words, it will assist you in figuring out which of the related terms have more search volume. As a result, you will be capable of crafting some content matter keeping latest digital marketing or online marketing trend into mind which would be fruitful for the readers. Along with that, you will also add some followers for you if provide fruitful information.

2. Grammarly

This is one of the basic tools that a content writer surely must have. As its name suggests, it is a Grammar Checker Tool which is available for free as well as paid version. Even it works well in free version and spots most of the grammatical errors and fix them along with the rule explanation.

3. Thesaurus

It is always expected that a content writer must have an exceptional vocabulary. Don’t worry, if you don’t possess the same. With the help of this amazing Synonyms Generator Tool, you can enhance your vocabulary within a short time frame.

As it suggests a large number of synonyms for a single word which is very required for a content writer.

4. Hemingway App

A term comes in writing is ‘readability’. It is defined as ‘how a large chunk of readers can read your write-up’. A matter is written so that it can be easily understood by a large number of readers and therefore the word selection, sentence structure should be chosen wisely.

This Readability Checker Tool will help you in spotting your readability and also suggests you the modification required in order to make your content light in reading. One of the major benefits of this tool is that it is free.

5. The Writer

It is also a Readability Checker Tools and available free of cost for you. All you have to do is just put your para, blog into the readability checking section and entering your email, this tool will help you in knowing your readability score along with suggestion whether the improvement is required or not if yes then how much.  6. Plagiarism Checker by Smallseotools

It is also one of the important Plagiarism Checker Tools for a writer that will let you know whether your content is unique or not. The reason is Google prefers only the unique content in providing SERPs while it doesn’t give priority to the copied content matter.

The premium version of this tool is also available, thus you can get premium version tool by paying some pennies.

As I know, I’m missing some other fantastic writing tools so suggestions are invited for pro writers so that this list can be enlarged and can proved more helpful for the young & enthusiastic writers in 2018.